SimpleMath Tutoring and Educational
  • Certified junior high and high school teacher
  • Specializes in grade 12 pre-calculus
  • Currently tutoring grade 8-12 mathematics
  • Flexible times and days
  • Homework help via text included

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About Me


Adrienne Hill, B. Ed., mathematics major.


I am a recently retired math teacher with over 30 years experience teaching and tutoring junior high and high school mathematics in British Columbia and Alberta to teens and adults. Throughout my career I have been known for making math simple and fun, using multiple methods to best suit the student.


In addition, for 13 years I worked as a volunteer in-service provider for Tourette Canada, helping teachers and students learn strategies to be successful while coping with the symptoms of Tourette Syndrome, ADHD and anxiety disorders (including OCD). Presently, I am an educational consultant for the Tourette OCD Alberta Network.

If you are struggling with mathematics and are looking for someone who uses humour with individualized strategies please contact me for your free half hour consultation.



  • Mathematics

  • Test Strategies/Anxiety

  • Homework Strategies

  • Learning Strategies

  • Time management

Tutoring Structure

  • Online One on One Lessons

  • Using Microsoft Teams/Zoom

  • Using a Wacom drawing tablet and screen sharing

  • Licensed TI 84 calculator screen emulator

$60 CAD
per hour

Levels of Teaching

  • Grade 8 through 12

  • Precalculus

  • High school calculus

Online Group Sessions
  • Group sessions available upon request

Homework help via text is included assuming two hours minimum booked per month

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 I am taking a limited number of high school calculus students at the same $60 per hour rate with the caveat that problems need to be sent to me a minimum of three hours prior to our session to give me time to review the questions. This also allows me to determine the most time efficient way to cover the most content.

Violet Stars

Mathematics is fun if you can understand it

Solving Equations





Violet Stars


Multiplying, Factoring and Quadratic Equations

Sequences and Series


Permutations and Combinations


What Happy
Students Say

"Adrienne was honestly a life saver ! Not only did I improve 20% with my mark, but I also was more confident in what I was doing . She has many ways to teach if you don’t understand a certain way , and always was fast at responding with my math questions . If you need a math tutor I highly recommend her."

Bailey B.